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Great Grandmaster Ma Ching Fung of Northern Shaolin Lo Han

This short bio is from Ma’ schools web site http://members.tripod.com/kin_fung

Great Grand Master Ma Ching Fung was born in Toi San, Guangdong on January 8, 1916. His original name was Wong Jaan, second name Hau Foon and assumed name Kin Fung. He was a son of a merchant who conducted business affairs in Canada. From an early age Ma was keen in learning Chinese Martial Arts and in high school his classmate’s father was the famous Wong Tak Hing (Wong Duk Hing) recognized Ma’s natural talents and gracious personality, made him his student at the age of 14. Continue reading


Northern Shaolin Lo Han Grandmaster Sun Yu Fung

Source: New Martial Hero #27 (1970?)
As Studied and Recited by Buddha Mountain Men
Translated by Larry Chau (December 3, 1990)
Edit by Robert Louie (December 7, 1990)

In the 20th year of the Republic, Sun Yu Fung, a famous Lo Han teacher, was sent by the Shanghai Central Ching Wu Physical Association to Kwangchou to promote Shao lin kung fu. Sun Yu Fung and his son, Sun Wen Yang, taught kung fu as dictated by the Ching Wu Association, which was the basic kung fu of Ching Wu: Twelve Rows of Tan T’ui, Kung Lick Kuen, Big War (Battle) Fist, Loose Battle Fist, Combination Battle Fist, etc. Weapons included Five Tiger Spear, Shepherd Staff, etc. Continue reading