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History of Jing Mo

Towards the end of the Ching Dynasty, China was weak and politically confused. The country was suffering from one natural disaster after another on top of oppression. The Chinese people were regarded as invalids because of the miserable economic conditions. The idea behind starting a center for martial arts was to help lift the peoples feeling as Invalids of Asia. Ching Wu (Jing Mo) Association was founded in 1909 by Huo Yuan Chia with the aim of cultivating sagacity, benevolence and courage and improving the health of the people. With the failure of the Boxer Rebellion in 1900, the reputation of Chinese martial arts among the populace had fallen to its lowest point since the time when the Chinese martial arts was at the Shao Lin Monastery in the late 1400s. From 1909 to 1939, the Ching Wu (Jing Mo) Physical Cultural Association was able to restore the populace faith and respect for Chinese Martial Arts. Ching Wu (Jing Mo) Association developed into Chinas earliest and largest Martial Art Institute. Huo Yuan Chia became a National Hero and his name still is revered and honored as a great martial artist fighter. Continue reading