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Welcome to our Jing Mo (Chin Woo/Ching Wu) Web site

Welcome to our Jing Mo Web site which is also known as Chin Woo and Ching Wu. This Web site offers you the opportunity to learn more about our school curriculum at the San Bruno Jing Mo Physical Culture Association (Jing Mo Athletic Association), our services and our products. We can assist you in advancing your studies and development in the traditional chinese martial arts or gung fu. We offer you an inside look at Jing Mo starting with the history of the original Jing Mo Physical Culture Association, founded in 1909 in Shanghai, China. Since then many branches of the original school have opened their doors through out many regions of China, Southeast Asia and around the world. In 1935 the Kowloon (now is Hong Kong) branch of Jing Mo sent Great Grandmaster Sifu Lai Hon Kuai to San Francisco to start up a Jing Mo school. Due to a lack of interest in gung fu at that time none was started. Later the first Jing Mo Physical Culture Association in the United States was started in San Francisco by Grandmaster Sifu Wong Jack Man in 1963. The San Bruno branch school was established by Sifu Herb Leung and Sifu Robert Louie in 1995. Sifu Arthur Chin was invited to the San Bruno Jing Mo School as special guest instructor, following the tradition of the original Shanghai Jing Mo Physical Culture Association. Sifu Robert Louie, Sifu Herb Leung and Sifu Arthur Chin are disciples of Grandmaster Sifu Wong Jack Man.

To learn more about us, click on any item on our menu. If you have comments or questions, write or e-mail us at the addresses in the Contact Us section of our Web site. Thanks for visiting and be sure to check back often for updated information.