Great Grandmaster Ma Ching Fung of Northern Shaolin Lo Han

This short bio is from Ma’ schools web site

Great Grand Master Ma Ching Fung was born in Toi San, Guangdong on January 8, 1916. His original name was Wong Jaan, second name Hau Foon and assumed name Kin Fung. He was a son of a merchant who conducted business affairs in Canada. From an early age Ma was keen in learning Chinese Martial Arts and in high school his classmate’s father was the famous Wong Tak Hing (Wong Duk Hing) recognized Ma’s natural talents and gracious personality, made him his student at the age of 14.

From the beginning, Ma studied and practiced rigorously day and night in order to learn both external and internal aspects of the art. He became skilled in Tai Chi Grinding Form, sword forms, Shaolin Lo Han and Big, Small Plum Blossom Fist. He specialized in certain weapons such as the whipping chain and darts.

During the Japanese Sino War, Ma joined the Army and eventually lost contact with his teacher due to the turbulent times. Master Ma later learnt from two other famous masters; Kuo Yu Chang and Sun Yu Fung.

In 1936, Master Ma returned home only to discover that the Japanese invaded China. Feeling that it was his duty to use his martial arts skill to help his country, he promoted martial arts in the Say Yup counties by establishing the Kim Wah Broadsword Team Training Association, the Jun Keung Kung Fu Club, and the Lap Wah Kung Fu Club. As a result, Northern Martial Arts styles increased dramatically in Southern China.

In 1941, Master Ma was appointed the martial arts trainer for the Toi San Police Station. Two years later he became the, he became a military martial arts trainer. After World War II he returned to Guangzhou (Kwangchao) and established the Long Chong Fist Kung Fu Club before going to Hong Kong to become the trainer for Hak Keung Gymnasium and the coach for Ling Dong Secondary School.

In Hong Kong, he performed martial art demonstrations at the youth associations, the Sow Den and the Queen Elizabeth stadiums for charity fund raising events. He performed many styles such as Tai Chi Grind form, Ba Gua Sword (Pa Kua Sword), double chain and the famous Plum Blossom hand sets. His students would perform double sabers verse Spear, Lo Han Sparring, Disarming attacker’s weapon with bare hands, and Lo Han number 4. Over his long period of teaching, Master Ma has produced many students in China, Hong Kong and overseas.

In 1994, he moved to Vancouver, Canada where he enjoyed his retirement. He passed away in December 12, 2000.